Help for Mental Disorders
There are many different things that are the cause of mental disorders. Alcoholism, brain tumors, strokes, and damage to the brain are a few causes of mental disorders. Mental disorders can also result from birth. There are many health care services for mental disorders. Three occupations that help the symptoms of mental health are psychiatrist, neurologist, and a clinical psychologist. Each of these occupations, psychiatrist, neurologist, and a clinical psychologist, treat mental health symptoms differently, have different requirements of education, and are authorized to different rights concerning the patient.

A psychiatrist is one occupation that helps deal with mental health problems. A psychiatrist deals with mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders of the mind. This person has completed years of medical school, one year of internship, and has passed a state license exam. Since psychiatrists are physicians, they can prescribe medicines to treat conditions. Some of the types of disorders that a psychologist treats are: clinical depressions, manic depressions, psychotic, schizophrenia, MPD (multiple personality disorder), and post-traumatic stress disorder.

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A neurologist is another occupation that deals with mental health. A neurologist is a physician who specializes in organic disorders of the brain and nervous system. This person has a degree in medicine, postgraduate training and experience in this field, certification as a specialist, and a state license permitting practice. A neurologist performs tests that are required for patients who mental symptoms are suspected of being caused by an organic disease, a disorder that is caused by a physical illness or an injury that affects the brain. A neurologist also has the duty of performing surgery that deals with the brain. There is a real need for research in the field of neurology. However, despite the lack of studying, there is much success in this field. A neurologist has a larger area that they are required to study other than just mental disorders.

Clinical psychology is an occupation that deals with mental health problems, too. The clinical psychologist is a psychologist who analyzes and treats emotional and behavioral disorders. This person may have any one of several degrees: Master of Arts, Master of Science, doctor of philosophy in psychology, or doctor of education. A clinical psychologist can practice psychotherapy, group therapy, and individual counseling. The field of clinical psychology is a field that specializes in treating emotional and behavioral disorders. This is the type of psychologist that most people think of when they hear of one going to the "shrink".

There are many different occupations that help deal with mental health disorders. A psychiatrist, neurologist, and a clinical psychologist all help people with mental disorders differently, require different levels of education, and are authorized to do different practices. Each of these careers are helpful and needed to many individuals with mental disorders that have to live life differently than majority of the people. Thankfully society has people trained to treat symptoms for others that have mental health disorders.