I chose Civil engineering because I find it the most interesting because they deal with structures and infrastructures ranging from bridges to water supply systems. Another reason why I choose civil engineering is because I enjoy building things. I also dream of starting my own construction company and building my own skyscraper. My trips to Nigeria last summer strengthen my desire to become a civil engineer. This interests and also scared me because the country was lacking in proper infrastructure.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics Civil Engineers design and supervise large construction projects, which include roads, buildings, airports, tunnels, dams, bridges, and systems for water supply and sewage treatment. Civil engineering is one of the most versatile engineering disciplines and is also divided up to about twenty sub-disciplines. Out of the 20 sub-disciplines in civil engineering, structural engineering and construction engineering are the two that interest me the most.

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To become a civil engineer one must get a bachelor in civil engineer from an ABET university, which usually take 4 years to do although nowadays it take about 5 to 6 years. The majority of the classes you take are mathematics, physics, chemistry, and engineering. Once you got your degree you are able to work at an engineering firm, but will be harder for you to get a promotion. If one is seeking a promotion they will need to will need to seek a master’s degree and a license.

Getting a license allows you to be employed as a professional engineer, in order to accomplish this according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics you will need to take the fundamentals of engineering examination and pass. When it comes to salary civil engineers are handsomely rewarded. The Bureau of Labor Statistics state that the median salary is approximately $77,560 per year. The higher 10 percent make $119,320 or more per year while the lowest 10 percent make $50,560 or less per year.

The job outlook for civil engineers is looking good growing at a rate of 19% per from 2010-2020. I found a few civil engineering firms in the Seattle area, but the one that stuck to me is KPFF Consulting Engineers. It’s a small to medium size company that deals with structural engineering and construction management and they have a good reputation. They have international presence and have also won many awards on the many projects they built.