This term we have covered a reasonable amount of materials based on the different types of religions in the world. There are many religions that have strong views and principles, and in order to understand them we must have an open mind and a true understanding of their beliefs. For the purpose of this essay, I will focus on the world views of Islam and compare it to Christianity.

Part I

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Islam is a traditional monotheistic religion that urbanized in the Middle East, Common Era was 622 A.D. According to the Arabic faith, Islam means “Submission” to the will of God . Followers of Islam are known as Muslims. They believe Islam was founded on the teachings of the last Holy Prophet Muhammad. Abraham, Moses and Jesus (to name a few) were also a series of prophets of Allah. Muslims believe “Allah” is the only God. He is the creator and sustainer of the world, Muhammad was his messenger.

In Islam, Allah created mankind separate from animals. Animals are not abused nor killed. Muslims endeavor’s to live an Islamic lifestyle. They sustain their identity by believing Islam is the only way of life. They fully submitted to the will of Allah by being good and doing what’s right has human beings. Muslims seek knowledge and guidance from the sacred scriptures of Qur’an.

Muslims hypothetical assumed the Bible became a misrepresentation of God. The Holy Prophet Muhammad repeated the words of God through the Angel Gabriel. Muhammad and his followers collected the messages and recorded them in the Holy book Qur’an which means “recitations”. The book was written in many different languages. However, Muslims believe Qur’an was uncorrupted and the true version written in Arabic. According to Islam, human beings purpose here on earth is to acknowledge that there is one true God and to obey the Holy book Qur’an.

The Islamic morality is grounded upon understanding and following scriptures written in Qur’an. Muslims follow the Five Pillars (Shahada, Salat, Zakat, Siyam & Hajj) in order to achieve salvation. They believe in two eternal states known as paradise and hell. Islam is based on more good works than bad; one must obey the Pillars (Laws) to gain Allah’s approval to enter paradise.

Islamic traditions, rituals and actions are the outcomes of Muslims destiny. Being a good person to all humans is one part of being a Muslim and being a good role model to humanity is a never ending task. Therefore, salvation is based on human efforts in spite of never knowing if good works was ever enough to enter paradise.

Part II

Christianity as well as Islam, are the two largely practiced religions to date. Christianity was formed in 30 A.D. and Islam was founded approximately 600 years thereafter. The definition of Christianity is "Believer in Christ". Christianity is a religion based on the divine intervention from God; the physical aspect of it is Jesus Christ. Christ is a Greek word which means “chosen one”. They believe Jesus Christ is the son of God. The Holy Trinity is a unity of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. This is considered to be, “Trinitarian monotheism”. Islam, on the other hand, is strictly Monotheists without a son and Jesus was only a prophet. They completely rejected the idea of the Holy Trinity and called it shirk or blasphemy. Islam lacks the features of the Holy Trinity and Communion .

The identity of Christianity is focused on humans created in the exact image of God. We must also take care of his creations. Islam has the same beliefs; they are not meat-eaters. In contrast, animals are eaten by most Christians and it is not a traditional practice for both religions in today’s society.

Many Christians have or strive to have an intimate relationship with God through his son Jesus Christ which is equal to salvation. Christianity is based on the teaching of Jesus and we must gain the wisdom through the Gospels and the Ten commandments. Without Jesus, Christianity would not exist. Muslims strive for this as well; however, they cannot get into heaven without believing that Jesus is the Lord savior of all the worlds’ sins.

Since the fall of man, mankind is in need of redemption. Humanity is unable to save themselves because of our sinful nature. Therefore for Christians, the only requirement is to repent for our sins. Accept and acknowledge Jesus Christ as our Lord and to live by God’s commandments. Whereas salvation in Islam, they accumulated there good works through obeying the scriptures of Qur’an.

Christians believe there are two eternal existences after death which is Heaven and Hell. How we live our lives here on earth determines whether we’ll be in the presence of God in heaven or in the state of separation from God. There would be a huge gap in religion if the son of God was not sent here on earth to save us. In contrast to Muslims, salvation is simply done by accepting as true that Jesus Christ is the savior sent from God himself. Compared to Muslims, there is no excessive obligation that needs to be done for the reason that Jesus Christ has already done the most excessive sacrifice. Traditions, rituals and prayers that Muslims must carry are not all necessary for salvation.

Even though Islam is not the exact same as Christianity, their beliefs claim to be the one and only true way to God. Both religions origin are in the same country of Israel and from the same profit Abraham. The religions agree that there is only one God. However, Christians believe Jesus is the son of God and Islam believes God has no son. According to Qur’an, there is no forgiveness for a person who believes in the Holy Trinity. However, the Bible states Jesus was crucified so that all sins maybe forgiven. Anyone can become a Christian, the focus is to spread the word, be saved and love as many people as possible. Many people convert because of the appeal and the simplicity of Christianity.